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Cert in Triple Geometry

This course takes up the subject of triples, like 3,4,5, which represent the sides of right-angled triangles (e.g. 32 + 42 = 52).

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Cert in Astronomy

After a tour of the Solar System and beyond, students will be introduced to the various celestial circles and some terminology.

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Cert in Trignometry

This course develops Trigonometry in a very simple & natural way.A plan is provided showing how this works in detail.

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Certificate in Applied Maths

Application of Vedic Mathematics in some applied maths topics,an introduction to Triples is included in the course.

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Certificate in Calculus

This Introduction to Calculus course in 18 video lessons offers a very easy and natural way to understand and apply the techniques .

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Cert in Super Memory Techniques

Learm about Mnemonics to remember just about anything and everything.Mnemonics is the scientific approach to organise our memory. 

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Introduction to Vedic Mathematics

To easily perform calculations and solve problems either mentally or with pencil and paper using the techniques of the Vedic system.

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