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Course Presented by – Dr B Sai Kiran – International Vedic Maths & Memory Trainer


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  • Mnemonics is the word referred to as “an Aid to Memory”. Mnemonics is the scientific approach to organize our memory. 
  • The human brain is capable of storing tons and tons of information, but only when it is properly organized, lest it can’t even store simple bits of information.
  •  Many centuries ago, the ancient Indian sages did a lot of research on the mind and its abilities and invented many techniques how to use the mind effectively. They also invented some amazing Mnemonics to remember just about anything and everything.
  • Memory, usually goes around remembering facts and figures about any given thing. Facts include remembering the terminologies & names whereas the figures include the numerics pertaining to it. 
  • Mnemonics show us how we can store in our mind this information in an easy and effective manner without the strain of rote retention.
  • Mnemonics exercise incorporate use of both the left and right hemisphere of the brain, hence practicing it not only boost up the memory power but also the level of intelligence in a person. It also aids in developing lateral thinking and creativity in a person.

Benefits of attending the Course

  • Remember anything with great ease
  • Remember facts and figures double the speed of a normal person.
  • Develop both sides of the  brain, Stimulates creativity
  • Recollection in an instant
  • Imagination power the most important faculty for Subconscious reprogramming develops.
  • Remember Foreign Words/Scientific terminologies with great ease
  • Retention capacity of the mind enhances
  • Biological aging reverses,Spontaneity in decision making

Pre Requisites

  • Min age – 18 years or over
  • Students should have genuine interest to learn and apply techniques taught in the course
  • Broad band (High Speed) Internet connection for accessing the Course Content.


  • Video lessons – 16
  • Course mode- 100 % self paced, students can complete the course at their own pace
  • Course content can be accessed immediately upon succesful enrollment
  • E-certificate will be issued upon successful completion of Lessons and Assessments

Course Access

1 Year from the Enrollment

International Vedic Maths & Memory Trainer – Dr B Saikiran

Dr. B. Sai Kiran, is a memory trainer of International repute.He is the only trainer in the world who trains both Vedic Memory and Vedic Maths simultaneously. He trained more than 3 hundred and 50 thousand students till date and traveled to 10 different countries across the world, giving lectures on Vedic Memory and Vedic Maths. He has 5 world Records and 2 National Records to his credit for performing the most difficult feats in the Mnemonics,He is the only person in the world to perform “THE CRYPTIC WORD MEMORY FEAT” and it still remains an unbroken record.He is the recipient of several awards in the field of Vedic maths and Memory.

Course Content

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Course Methodology
An Introduction
Pegging techniques
Peg Words
Concentration & Memory
Study Skills
Week 4 - Mind Mapping
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Chaitanya Dasari
Posted 2 years ago

Well-explained techniques in simple language with real-life examples. Thank you.

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S MuthuselviPrabhu
Posted 3 years ago
Left and right brain coordination

Most useful course! I understand the meaning of "success" which is the coordination of left and right brain. The techniques given in this course is really amazing! and needs more practice. Thank you Mr. Sai Kiran for your contribution to mnemonics.

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Rajani NaikGaonkar
Posted 3 years ago
Very informative and practical .

I liked that the information was presented in simple and practical way.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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