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Pasyanthi - Online state of art portal dedicated in spreading the ancient Scientfic treaures utilizing state of art technology

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Pasyanthi is an online virtual platform to share the scientific treasures of Ancient India utilizing state of the art internet technology.

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Ken Williams

Vedic Maths Trainer

Dr Sai Kiran

Vedic Memory and Math Trainer

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What Our Students Have to Say

The VM training has empowered me to be more creative with my solutions by combining different techniques. It has empowered me to solve problems that I would not have even dared to try solving prior to taking up the course.
Veronica S.Prudente
Training Director- Phillipines
Learnt about the genius and greatness of Bharathi Krishna Tirthji Structure within the Sanskrit alphabets. The natural ways of doing mathematics. Bar numbers, Duplex, Triples, On the flag gave me great joy in doing the mathematics in a new way​
Arvind Prasad
Research scholar -Australia
VM is highly flexible.It is a complete and coherent system that covers all of mathematics. VM is so fun that it can help students overcome the fear of conventional mathematics.I very strongly believe it can help change the world for the better
Brian Page
Tutor - USA
It was great fun watching and learning from the videos . Maths is made simple, fun and very engaging. It's more of mental calculation than route memorization. I've enjoyed it and looking forward to learning more. Thank you.
Emmanuel Wumborche Mbiba
Teacher - Ghana
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