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      Campus Gurukul

      This thread has been created to complement the “Exploring Multiplication” thread and to discuss the area of division.

      To start off, suppose you want to find 847 divided by 236 to several decimal places.

      You could have 2 as a divisor and 36 on the flag, but that would not work well (as 2 is too small for a good divisor).
      You could have 23 as a divisor and 6 on the flag, but then you are dividing by 23 at each step.

      What do you suggest?

      And if you want to pose your own division question for the rest of us to tackle please do so in this thread.
      See if you can find a particularly difficult one.

      Here are four division methods covered in the course:

      1. Division by 9, 8, 11, x+1 etc., Lesson 18
      2. Reversing multiplication, numerical and algebraic, Lesson 13
      3. Straight division (general method), Lessons 25, 26
      4. Recurring decimals, Lessons 31, 32
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