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      Please use this thread to post your questions/Comments/impressions/Learnings etc on topics covered in week 8 video lessons

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      Preeti Pathak

      Hi Ken,

      In lesson 30, Calculus, for getting the solution of a quadratic equation by Vedic method,

      3 x^2- 5x- 7 = 0,

      can we take a=2 ( first  divisor) instead of a=3?

      if we put x=2 in the left hand side ,we get value equal to -5 (5 units less than 0)and by taking x=5, we get value equal to 5(5 units

      more than o).In any case ,difference of 5. Just a thought.






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        Thanks Preeti.

        Yes, we can take a=2 rather than 3 and get the answer that way too.

        We cover this subject more fully in the Advanced Course.

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        Preeti Pathak

        Thank you .While solving  the quadratic equation, 3 x^2 – 5 x -7=0,by Vedic Method,

        13|      7 .    0     0       0

        5   (2)    (11)

        <hr />

        3. (4)  (3)

        I am not getting ,how did we obtain (2) (11),(4) and(3)?  Up to 3 remainder 5 is okay. Next step, if we divide 50 by 13 ,we get 3 remainder 11.Please explain.



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        Hi Preeti,

        Actually we start off with 3 remainder -5.

        Then -50 divided by 13 = -4 rem 2.

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        Preeti Pathak

        Thanks Ken. Got it. By mistake ,I took remainder as 5 instead of -5. Also, gone through the explanation of the solution posted in the forum(week9). Here, since the coefficient of x^2 is 3 ,we have to use treble of  4.Also,Understood the next step .


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      Shikha Dhingra

      Hi Ken

      I have also the doubt which Preeti has asked. I was not able to understand from where the remainder 11 came. But as you explain that we have started from remainder -5 from (7-13) now I have understood. Thanks




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      Fabio Zanatta


      I have a doubt on Reducing (about minute 34 of video lesson 29). What do you mean with Reducing?

      I think it’s the same reducinge that I can see in other video lesson. When I divide 2 numbers i.e. 12/2=6 but with reducing I have for example 12/2=5 with remind 2.

      It’s correct? Thanks

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        Hello Fabio,

        Yes the reducing works as you say. Every time the quotient is reduced by 1 the remainder increases by the divisor.

        So 12/2 = 6 rem 0 = 5 rem 2 = 4 rem 4  etc.

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