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      Please use this thread to complete your introduction

      Location etc

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      1st – Students Introduction – Group Leader

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      Maurice Perry


      My name is Maurice and I am eager to learn and teach Vedic Math.

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      Greetings. Happy new year all.

      This is Mallika from Hyderabad, India.

      I am a Software Architect with Masters in Computer Science, currently taking a break to take care of my child.

      I came across this course while teaching Vedic maths to my 10 year old son. I am excited to be part of this course and learn more about VM.

      Thanks to Ken Sir for putting together this great course. I am already enjoying the first week videos.


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      Annapurna Manchella

      I am Annapurna. I am eager and to learn and teach Vedic Math.

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      Pooja Dubey


      I am Pooja Dubey. Currently in USA. I am eager to learn Vedic Maths and eager to teach as well.

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      Anupama Cherukuri

      I am Anupama. I am excited to learn VM.

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      Savita P Kulkarni

      Hi friends,
      Hope you all are staying well.
      I feel excited to be with you all on this path of Vedic math journey.
      Thank you,

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      I am Satya. I happen to see this course while searching for Vedic Math resources for my daughter. I was always interested in this subject and now happy to join one. I finished couple of week1 videos and enjoyed learning about numbers and operations in different way. Excited to take the assignments.


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      Shikha Dhingra

      I am Shikha Dhingra from Gurgaon, India. I am a maths teacher. I am always interested to work with numbers in different ways . This course is like a boon for me. I am really looking forward to learn new techniques from this course.

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      My name is Rameshwari. I am looking forward to learning Vedic Maths and increase my knowledge in this ancient science.

      Thank you

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      Hi everyone!

      My name is Angelina.

      I am in the U.K.

      My purpose for enrolling onto the Vedic mathematics course is to learn and go on to teach others the wonderful art of vedic mathematics!

      It is my pleasure to be here with you all!


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      Amara Deepthi

      Hi Everyone,

      I am Sarada Deepthi. I am Living in Bangalore. I am a graduate from BITS-Pilani,India in MSc Physics and B.E EEE. I have worked as a DFT Engineer for almost 7 years. With a passion to teach, I have left my career. Currently I am working as Physics and Mathematics teacher. Looking forward to learn together with all of you.

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      Fabio Zanatta


      my name is Fabio Zanatta. I’m live near Treviso, Italy. I’m a biomedical engineer.

      I like to learn VM because I like to see math in other ways.

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      Priyanka Dugar

      Hi Everyone,

      My name is Priyanka. I am taking this course to learn VM and teach especially my  children and eventually others.

      I am an IT professional and currently home maker.


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      My name is Vidya living in los angeles.   I am learning vedic math to teach my son the easier way to do math and may be other children in the future too. I was teaching in India before moving to US.  currently i am a homemaker.

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      Seth Kinkade


      As schools in my area have been closed, I have been scrambling for a solid curriculum to teach my seven y/o daughter math. After months of researching math techniques, I was thrilled to find Ken’s books on Vedic math and have purchased every one we could find. Unfortunately, I am behind in this course, but am eager to catch up. Thank you, Ken, for your patient and compelling teaching style. I only hope I am half as effective at teaching as you are.


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      Preeti Pathak

      Hi everyone,

      My name is Preeti. I like Maths and was searching for Vedic Maths resources.  I came to  know about the course.To start with, I did Introductory course few months back .I liked and enjoyed it very much.Thank you Ken Sir.I wanted to learn more and increase my knowledge in Vedic Maths. I would like to teach Vedic Maths .

      Its my pleasure to be with you all.


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