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Preeti Pathak


Anwer to challenge question 6    234*111=???

unit digit  : 4(same digit)

digit in ten’s  place : 3+4=7

digit in hudredth’s place: 2+3+4=9

digit in Thousanth’s place: 2+3=5

digit in ten-thousandth’s place : 2

so answer will be 25973.If there is any carry over,we have to add them .

we can do it from left to right also.Don”t forget to add the carry overs.

so in general, if pqr is a 3 digit number.

So we need to find pqr*111=?

ans will be:

p (p+q) (p+q+r) (q+r) r (taking into consideration the carry overs).

similarly, 854*111 =94794(in this case ,we have carry overs,we need to take those into account).


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