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Savita P Kulkarni


Anupama, you have suggested an easy way.

i tried reverse multiplication method,

?? *236=847 (by vertically and crosswise ), could not solve it as this is a 2 digit by 3 digit no multiplication.

Then i went on to solve it by using bar no. 24(4) and 2 as a divisor and 4(4) raised on the flag Рit was a little bit of thinking to not get a negative  but i got the answer as 3.59.

Mr. Ken, for such complex division I think I would have started with the st. division as it is an general method, but as you said 2 is too small to be a good divisor and 36 as a flag was difficult to work with. How do we proceed?

Division by 8, 9, 11 does not seem useful. Do we try x+1?

Thank you,

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