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Amara Deepthi

Dear Ken,

I was doing the practice problems of on square roots. I have a doubt.

while finding the 5229 square root, actually with the method of guessing the the last digit. The answer appears to be 73. But actually 73^2 is 5329. So from the method of guessing from the last digit. There is chance of error unless you are sure that the number is definitely a perfect square. AmĀ  I correct in this? Please guide.

and if i try from the first methodĀ  to find out the answer, for 5229, from 52 …first number must be 7…7*7 = 49 the remainder is 32. and in 32, 14 (2*7 (first number)) goes in 2 times. So 32-28 = 4. Now 4 & 9 are remaining. Does it mean 49 is the remainder?

But 72^2 + 49 is not equal to 5229. Can you please elaborate?

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