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Savita P Kulkarni

Hi Anupama,

We are praying for mother nature to be cooperative and hope power and normal life is set right soon.

After finishing lesson 23 and the quizzes, I am intrigued with deep knowledge Bharati Krishniji had  and i humbly bow down to him.

I am stuck at a silly step of square root of 256, trying to follow the steps –

marking off – 2/56 then 2 is close to sq. no. 1, so first figure must be 1.

From this 2, there is 1 leftover, with 15 and divide by twice the first figure will be 15/2 and this gives 7 with 1 left over. Should’t this step give me 6?

I am not thinking right somewhere.

I can square 16 well. 16^2 is square the 6=36 put the 6 with 3 carry , twice the product of 1 and 6 is 12, 12+3=15, put the 5 as the middle¬† figure. Now square if 1 =1 + carry 1 =2 as 100’s figure. =256

thank you

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