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It is very interesting and amazing to learn about various methods to perform multiplication mentally. However, I am stuck at one particular scenario and appreciate help there.

When there is 2-digit bar number in the right hand side of the result but actual answer should only contain single digit there thus applying carry on to the left side digits is giving wrong answer(I am not sure where/what I am doing wrong). Please see this example.

46 * 38 –> considering base 40

4 6 + 6

38 – 2

so 44 / (12). Since base was 40, I multiplied the left side digits with 4.

176 / (12) –> now removing bar number gives 88 in the right side and 175 in the left (as we borrow 1 from 176).

175 / 88 –> 10’s place 8 will be a carry on to 100’s place ?

So I got the answer 1838 . However, the correct answer is 1748.

Please correct my process. Am I messing up at carry ons or bar numbers?

Thank you

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