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 Start date – 30 August 2021



    • To easily perform calculations and solve problems either mentally or with pencil and paper using the techniques of the Vedic system.
    • To produce teachers who feel confident that they can teach the Vedic system and inspire others.


    • Students should have a genuine interest in learning and teaching the Vedic system, and be prepared to cover all the assignments required.
    • A basic knowledge of mathematics is essential and teaching experience in any field is recommended
    • Broad band (High Speed) Internet connection for accessing the Course Content.


    • Course Start Date:  30 August 2021
    • Course End Date:   01 November 2021
    • Assignment 1 Submission:  4th Oct 2021
    • Assignment 2 Submission:  1st Nov 2021


    • Duration – 9 weeks , Video lessons – 36
    • Video Lessons (4 per week) will be made available on the course and students are expected to study these at any time they wish during that week.
    • Discussions will take place in the Pasyanthi online Forum where students can post questions/Comments/Impressions’ and interact with Trainer and other students.


Students will be required to:

    • Practice the methods being taught (using at least the exercises in the course lessons).
    • Participate in Forum discussions 
    • Complete 9 Online Tests
    • Take part in any discussion meeting(s) that may be arranged.
    • Carry out assignments during the course.
    • Complete a final assignment at the end of the course.



Kenneth Williams is an experienced mathematics teacher who has been studying, researching and teaching the Vedic system since 1971.He developed and extended the system outlined by Sri BharatiKrsna Tirthaji applying the system in new areas such as calculus, applied mathematics, astronomy, trigonometry.

He has written articles, attended conferences and produced several books and DVD courses on the Vedic system. He has been invited to many countries around the world to teach Vedic Mathematics, and created the first VM website and newsletter in 1998.

Welcome to VMTTC online discussion forum, click below to enter the secured forum to discuss VM!

VMTTC Online discussion forum – This to support you through out the course. You can interact with the trainer and other Students in the course.

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Ratings and Reviews

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Posted 3 weeks ago
creative and relaxed way of learning math again

It has been a real eye opener. I find myself more interested in the sutras and their applications each time we go into a topic; it is just that fluid and intuitive to the user. I highly recommend many teachers and parents to introduce Vedic to their children. It helps create a safe space for your kids to enjoy math.

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Posted 4 weeks ago
Fun and intuitive

Vedic maths is a fun and intuitive way to look at numbers. This should be mandatory in all classrooms.

Preview Image
Yulia Rotbach
Posted 4 weeks ago
Highly recommended

Great course. Exellent explanation. Examples and quizes helped a lot and I liked very much challenge questions . Very happy i took it.

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Posted 4 weeks ago
Math can be fun too

This course surpassed my expectations when it came to the content. I would like to see a video conferencing component added to the class (may be a session or two) where the participants and the instructor can share experience and ideas in taking this content to the schools.

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Posted 1 month ago

This was an amazing course in many ways. Mr. Kenneth Williams is an amazing instructor and delivered the course coherently and effectively. His passion for vedic mathematics and his care for providing the best learning experience for his students were visible throughout the course. Learning vedic mathematics has been a life-changing experience and this course has changed the way I look at math.

Preview Image
K vasavi
Posted 1 month ago
very knowledgable

i am very happy to do this course very different methods and very usefull .... one can do in short time , the subject was very interesting we don't know how the time goes on .... we can forget everything after involving into it

Preview Image
massimo fayenz
Posted 1 month ago
a diffrertent and amazing math system

Very interesting course and very clear explanations topics are involving I recommend it!!!!!

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Helena Tkalčić
Posted 1 month ago
new way of thinking about the maths

This is a very good course. It's a new way of thinking about the maths. I can only highly recommend it. Thank you!

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Posted 2 months ago
Awesome course

Really amazed with the course content and the way it is presented. Loved the assignements and forum discussions

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Charu Singhal
Posted 3 months ago
Excellent Program

SO much knowledge and new learning

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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