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  • This course is an introduction to Vedic Mathematics, with history, background etc. Starts with elementary arithmetic and covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, digit sums.
  • It gives background, features and history of the system and applications in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, checking, equations, fractions etc.
  • To easily perform calculations and solve problems either mentally or with pencil and paper using the techniques of the Vedic system. Maths will be shown as an easy to understand, and easy to do, creative activity that develops innovation, flexibility and mental agility.


  • Zeal to learn the wonderful science of Vedic Mathematics
  • Age – 10 years or above
  • Stable Internet connection to support Online Video Lessons.

Trainer – Mr Kenneth Williams

Kenneth Williams is an experienced mathematics teacher who has been studying, researching and teaching the Vedic system since 1971.He developed and extended the system outlined by Sri BharatiKrsna Tirthaji applying the system in new areas such as calculus, applied mathematics, astronomy, trigonometry. He has written articles, attended conferences and produced several books and DVD courses on the Vedic system. He has been invited to many countries around the world to teach Vedic Mathematics, and created the first VM website and newsletter in 1998.

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Amber Gould
Posted 4 days ago
Very supportive learning process and introduction to more logical mathematic systems

This system of learning mathematics is very intuitive for me, and feels much more logical, as it representative of the way in which the human mind actually works in both the abstract and the linear thinking modes.

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Akshaya Sudiksha Shanmugam Prakash
Posted 4 weeks ago
Organised and Excellent Training

Well organised and excellent training materials.

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Posted 4 weeks ago
Good for learning the Fundamentals of Vedic Maths

This was a good course. Easy to follow with lots of examples. I only wish the instructor would have stuck with solving 'left to right' in all the examples. Seeing 'right to left' solutions too can get you a little confused when you are trying to remember how to solve the questions.

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Posted 2 months ago
Understanding the Vedic System

I have tried to learn the Vedic maths system but was not successful earlier. This course is wonderful in which it teaches you step by step into the sutras and removes all the complication. I really love this course and recommend it to everyone.

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subha Rajendran
Posted 6 months ago
Easy to follow

Practice questions after learning every new methods was helpful..

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Posted 8 months ago
Maths is Integral to our existence

I just loved the way in which the method of calculations are simple and easy to learn and applyIts beautiful, however i wonder why this esoteric knowledge is kept away from school curriculum

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Davide Taraborrelli
Posted 10 months ago
Strong basis to vedic mathematics

I really liked the fact that the course, tough is an introduction, covers all the sutras for mental arithmetic of Vedic mathematics. It is all you need to perform quick mental calculations.

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