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    • Diploma in Vedic Maths (DVM) or Vedic Maths Teachers Training Certification (VMTTC) by Pasyanthi
    • Students should have a genuine interest in learning Vedic system, and be prepared to complete tests required for certification
    • A basic knowledge of mathematics is essential and teaching experience in any field is recommended
    • Broad band (High Speed) Internet connection for accessing the Course Content.


    • To easily perform calculations and solve problems either mentally or with pencil and paper using the techniques of the Vedic system.
    • Advance Topics will be covered in this course


    • Course Start Date: 29 March 2021
    • Duration – 5 weeks


    • Duration – 5 weeks , Video lessons – 21
    • Video Lessons will be made available on the course and students are expected to study these at any time they wish during that week.
    • Discussions will take place in the Pasyanthi online Forum where students can post questions/Comments/Impressions and interact with Trainer and other students.


Students will be required to:

    • Practice the methods being taught (using at least the exercises in the course lessons).
    • Participate in Forum discussions 
    • Complete  Online Tests
    • Take part in any discussion meeting(s) that may be arranged.

Trainer – Mr.  Kenneth Williams

Kenneth Williams is an experienced mathematics teacher who has been studying, researching and teaching the Vedic system since 1971.He developed and extended the system outlined by Sri BharatiKrsna Tirthaji applying the system in new areas such as calculus, applied mathematics, astronomy, trigonometry. He has written articles, attended conferences and produced several books and DVD courses on the Vedic system. He has been invited to many countries around the world to teach Vedic MMathematics, and created the first VM website and newsletter.


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Posted 7 months ago

The course is must for everyone who wants easy way to solve mathematical problems. As well as it is also useful for high-school going students. Fear of Mathematics will go and interest with generate in One who learns Vedic Mathematics. The information regarding different courses run by Pasyanthi should go all over the Schools in the World mentioning Vedic Mathematics & Kenneth Sir's Name.

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Usha Prabakar
Posted 7 months ago
Very interesting to know new concepts.

Excellent course. Very well explained. Use of Triples is very vast. Factorisation and solutions of equations are very useful for students. Thanks Ken and technical team for excellent support. Usha

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Posted 7 months ago
interesting ADVM

great course. well explained.

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Prerana Singh
Posted 7 months ago
Very well explained and simple to do

Learning and enjoying the course. Sometimes I think why the schools still carry on teaching conventional methods when vedic math gives so easy solutions. I would like to thank.. swami teerth ji 🙏, ken and team pasyanthi.

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Cheryl Periton
Posted 7 months ago
makes one think

Having taught maths in both high school and to non- maths majors in university for many years this certainly stimulated my thinking. My only criticism is that I'm partially sighted and know that a couple of times quiz questions were correct in my workings but entered incorrectly in the online quizzes. This pale blue colour font is difficult for anyone with visual problems.

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Posted 7 months ago
Simple and exciting

Learnt a lot as to how VM can make complex calculations simple. The teacher Mr.Ken Williams was amazing and the course had lot of takeaways for me to wonder and ponder further. Thank you Ken and Pasyanthi team for organizing these lessons. Regards Ramya

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Posted 8 months ago
Great Course

Great course content, well informed video content and support

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